Company Profile

Custom Home Remodelling Centre provides any type of renovation, estimation, demolition, and installations for your kitchen, bathroom, powder room or any room for your home. We have full architectural design and re-construction capabilities, including commercial spaces.

We specialize with value added customer service and competitive prices. We carry everything you need for homes and businesses. With our one stop shopping, you save time and money by not running around to different stores looking for different products you get everything in one place for a great price guaranteed! Over 20 years of experience and our knowledgeable staff will answer all your questions.

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Let our expert group of professional craftsmen meet with you at your location or at our showroom to give you the best advice for your project.

Our Mission

To deliver the best home and office designs from new construction to improvemnent renovations. We are dedicated to bring your vision to life!

Selection & Installation

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We offer the best selection of over a 1,000 fixture products to choose from in our store